Keynote Speaker 2015


Pete Holzmann will be speaking several times at this year’s ICCM-Europe conference. He is a former Silicon Valley consultant, and widely known in the mission world as a technology leader. For over three decades, Pete and his teams have been used of the Lord to help the body of Christ learn how to work together better in practical ways. The “10/40 Window” visual message emerged from his work (in industry and as a founder of GMI) on GIS mapping tools. They created “XC.Org” to make group email practical for Christian groups worldwide.


Pete Holzmann, Spirit-Led Technology

Today, Pete and the ICTA team are creating “seamless” Spirit-Led Technology (“SLTy” pronounced Salty) models to nurture our intimate trust relationship both with God and one another, all in the practical context of modern high tech. This work is increasingly serving both mission/ministry and industry communities.

Pete has been joyfully married for over 35 years to Leslie, a photographer and naturalist, who coined the “digital nervous system” concept, and is a woman of God with incredible patience and endurance. Pete and Leslie have two grown daughters: one is a boutique graphic designer and mom to their second granddaughter; the other is kept busy as mom to the other two granddaughters.

He has attended/helped lead/spoken at many ICCMs from the first gathering in 1989.

Keynote: Great News for Technologists

Spirit-Led Technology (SLTy) is a clear, biblical, practical message. It brings true effectiveness to everything from the internet to “normal” strategic planning, project evaluation, ministry operations, and any other kind of data or computer-related work.

The message is of deliberate transformation to a seamless life: it applies not just to work but encourages transformation of all of life. A Spirit-Led approach to information and technology deliberately incorporates both man’s work and God’s faithfulness to lead us.