Thad Hoskins: Multiplying Ministry Through Technology


Thad Hoskins graduated from Texas A&M University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems, on the Information and Operations Management track. He has 20 years of IT experience, including helping run a Legend of the Red Dragon BBS back in the dial-up days. He and his wife, Jana, have been married for sixteen years, and have three children. Thad enjoys reading, cycling, running, and playing games (board games and video games, alike).

Thad Hoskins - SmallAfter University, Thad worked for a variety of companies, starting with a small, web development shop specializing in ASP, VB Script, and VB COM. This was also his first experience in consulting and sales. Following that experience, to his skills were added ASP.Net prior to its release, and VB development for the desktop environment.

It was then that he had the opportunity to work at Microsoft for the release of .Net (February 2002), working in Developer Support. In addition to learning .Net from the developers themselves, this gave him a glimpse into the knowledge base Microsoft keeps. Many lingering issues and errors from years of development experience were answered in one afternoon!

With 10 years of experience in the secular world, Thad has also now worked for the last 10 years in full-time ministry. Though some of that time was spent raising support, his “in the field” ministry is exclusively in IT. For much of that, Thad and his family lived in Kandern, Germany where he served as the IT Director for Cru in Western Europe. The vision of this team was to provide tools to workers within Cru to help them do their job, namely to tell others about Jesus. That vision was fulfilled in hosted services, as well as custom programs specifically geared towards operations within ministry. Thad is working with that same vision for Cru in Eastern Europe. His family and ministry are now based in Budapest, Hungary.