PreConference Workshops 2016

This year we are offering our first ever pre-conference workshop at ICCM-Europe:

Option 1: Getting started with C# by developing a simple but complete application.

This workshop day is for people with a basic knowledge of some scripting or programming language who are considering future projects with C# and want to know where to start. Or people already working with some aspects of C#, but want to extend their knowledge to other scenarios.

About C#:

There are several languages that can be used with Microsoft .Net, one of them is C#. 

With Mono, you can also run software written in C# on Linux and MacOS.

Xamarin offers development of Mobile Apps that run on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which will not be covered in this workshop.

We will have a taster of the upcoming ASP.Net 5, which Microsoft develops as Open Source.

The workshop:

The goal is to show in one day, how you can create a complete application, complete with a database and server layer, a desktop application, and webbrowser UI.

We will be writing a prayer app (bring your prayer list) that will remind you regularly who or what you want to pray for. You will be able to use the same technologies for any other data processing or purpose.

Bring your own laptop, or let us know and we will have a PC in the lab ready for you.

There will be 6 sections in the workshop, each with a presentation and then individual lab time to develop the prayer application yourself. We have a team of experienced C# developers ready to help you with that.

You will take away several papers and cheat sheets that will help you after the workshop get your own projects done in C#!

Option 2: Birkman Self-Assessment/Team Assessment Tool

Being Offered as a pre-conference at ICCM this year, for the low price of 100 Euros. The value of the full test, and consulting that you will be receiving totals over 500 Euros. Yours for the low price of 100 Euros. (plus lodging)

   The Birkman is a powerful tool that identifies a person’s passions, behavioral strengths, motivations stress behavior and career interests. It helps us to understand ourselves and others. The test itself assesses personality, social perceptions and career interests. The Birkman is a tool we can use to make career choices that lead to success and well being. – Birkman Website

We will have 8 time slots (lasting 2-3 hours) for teams to meet with a certified Birkman consultant to review their Birkman assessments (done online before the conference), finding out how to work together more effectively and helping individuals know more about themselves.

Team leaders only should register for this option and will be contacted after they finish registration to coordinate the timing of their team assessment, costs involved (100 Euro per person), and instructions for completing the Birkman assessment before coming to Mosbach. Priority is for teams of 5+, then 3+ and then smaller groups including individuals.

“The reality of life is that your perceptions – right or wrong – influence everything else you do. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.”—Roger W. Birkman, Ph.D.

Cost: (excluding any housing and meal costs to arrive early):

Option 1: C#  = 0,00 Euro
Option 2: Birkman = 100 Euro per person (billed later to the team leader)

Timing: Both options are on Wednesday, 3 February from 08:30 – 16:15 with breaks for lunch.

You may need to arrive at The Mill on Tuesday if you are attending the pre-conference. There are additional costs for housing & lodging = 37 Euro for Tuesday arrival (74 Euro per person for Monday arrival).