Pre-Conference Workshops 2018

Our pre-conference workshops offer attendees an opportunity to delve deeper into a particular subject often with the promise of real-world experience and hands-on training.

This year’s pre-conference workshops include:

Workshop A: Trusted Leader Framework

Trusted Leader Framework

Trying to figure leadership out yourself in the midst of the pressures of production and the demands of personnel is like trying to perform open heart surgery on a charging rhino. You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. However, you will never be as good as you can be without outside help.

To be a leader, you need vision, purpose, and energy. To be a great leader, you need to know how to lead with a developmental mindset…accomplishing your goals and developing the next generation of leaders in the process. This takes clarity, intentionality, and skill. It produces effective leaders with capacity and competence others want to follow.

The Trusted Leader framework helps give the answer to the “what do I do” to developing leaders within your group or organization.

We’ll be taking a 4-day seminar and going through the highlights in one day to give you a taste.

Target audience:  Leaders and Managers
About the speaker: Courtney R. is the leader of eDOT, a team within Greater Europe Mission that is focused on partnering with Europeans in developing innovative technology solutions that equip people for a life in Christ so that they can reach the world with the Gospel. With over 20 years in the technology world & over 10 in the missions world, Courtney is the team leader and primary programmer for eDOT. Courtney is has also been in ICCM-Europe’s leadership team for around 7 years and currently serves as co-chair.

Minimum number of Attendees: 4
Maximum number of Attendees: 35


Workshop B: Hackathon


Would you have fun to do get right into coding with fellow ICCMers?

For the coming ICCM Europe conference we are planning something new: A hackathon during the pre-conference workshop day. This hackathon is directed to everyone who has some experience in some programming or scripting language, or in User design or web design. We want to learn from each other, and actually produce something together that is useful for the Kingdom.

The goal is to rewrite the BOF voting software under an Open Source license, so that it can be easily shared among conferences, and can easily be improved in the future with pull requests.

You can become part of the decision process at, or you can just register for the hackathon and turn up at the hackathon and dive right into coding!

Target audience:  Programmers, UI/UX Designers, Web Designers
Required skills:  Programmers should have scripting language experience. Designers should have skills in their area of expertise and the ability to work quickly with a team.
About the hackathon leader:  Timotheus Pokorra is based in Plauen, Germany. Having worked for more than 10 years with OM, Timotheus now works for ( where he mainly works with PHP and contributes to various Open Source projects. also sponsors his work on the Open Source version of OpenPetra. He enjoys developing and using Open Source software, and thinks that Missions should share the load by contributing to Open Source projects: “There will be a long-term benefit for everyone, even for future missions movements in countries we are not yet even thinking about.”

Minimum number of attendees: 4 people
Maximum number of attendees: 35 people