Here’s a place where people can find commonly needed information during the conference.

Next YEAR ICCM EU 2020

5-8 February 2020 at the Karimu Conference Center in Germany

Train Travel in the Netherlands:

It is wise to buy a train ticket online and print it. You can do this ahead of time, so please do this today (Friday) and date the ticket for your travel day. Here is the link to the English site to order the ticket.

You need to provide your name and birth date to personalise the ticket.

The ticket will be valid for the entire day. Any train taking you from A to B.

You can stop at any point in the trip and visit a city along the way and continue with another train. As long as you keep traveling on the same day in a direct route from A to B.

The ticket you buy will be a printable pdf which looks like this:

The important part is the QR code and the Date and the name.

Some stations will require you to open a gate with the QR code.

Look for the special entry poles that have a glass screen with a QR code scanner:

Most of the gates will show a solid pad without glass. They do not work for the QR code only for the NFC cards dutch people use.

Online Schedule

The whole schedule is available online. If you register for the site, you can tell it which sessions you want to attend and it will help you remember. You can also sync it with your calendar!

We’ll do our best to keep this site up-to-date throughout the conference.


  • AJAX Room: Main Conference Room (across from De Betteld calls it The Ark)
  • Basic Room: Secondary Classroom
  • COBOL Room: Above Expresso
  • Dining Hall: Where you eat
  • Espresso Lounge: Where you registered


  • Hostname: ICCMNAS.BT
  • IP Address:

This is a Public Data store for central storage of ppt’s, photo’s, iso’s, etc. This store is only accessible if you are part of the ICCM LAN, not on the internet.

Here are some links:

  • For Windows File Explorer: \\
  • If you use a mac (or Linux) try to copy this link in finder: smb://
    or smb://
    (Guest login may be required. User=guest Paswd= (none) )

We are using an online system called “” for evaluating workshops this year, and it will be used to help make some sessions more interactive as well.  Please access this soon after attending a workshop while it is still fresh in your mind so that the leadership team and the workshop leader can get the most valuable feedback possible.

Password: Jesus


There are 2 printers available (from the lab or through the wireless network). Drivers for these printers are on the ICCM NAS.HP Laserjet 4000 (Espresso Room)

  • HP Laserjet P2055dn = IP: = DNS Name: = Location: Espresso Lounge
  • HP LaserJet P1606dn= IP: = DNS Name: = Location: Basic Room

Birds of a Feather Voting

Birds of a Feather (BOF) Voting System (

Got a topic that you want to talk about, but don’t see a workshop? Suggest a BOF (Birds of a Feather discussion).

We have at least three BOF times this year, with room for three BOF sessions each time. Please create an account in our BOF voting system and suggest a topic, or vote for topics already there. You can change your votes any time until the Thursday afternoon coffee break.

NOTE: This is a LOCAL ONLY website. Please use an obvious username (so we can identify attendees and facilitators) and a throw-away password!

ICCM Europe BOF Voting system

TFM Voting

Vote for your favorite TFM soon!  Voting will be on in the TFM and will be open once all the presentations have been performed.

Learn more about the TFM Contest. It isn’t too late to enter.


Please follow the rules of the conference concerning social media, but if you do tweet, use #ICCMeu. Thank you.

Computer Labs

Feel free to install software and use the computers for what you need to do during ICCM

Aruba Access

Wifi SSID:   ICCMwifi Look in your welcome pack for the password.

If you are outside the main area’s we do also have the password for the ‘Betteld’ network.

Stay Connected

ICCM has great e-mail groups at