Six workshop sessions

Up to three workshops each session

Up to 18 workshops in total!

Workshops are where we learn about our tech, each other, and our God.


Workshops are at the core of the ICCM experience. This is where we learn and grow. We host up to 18 workshops in six sessions. Each workshop fits in one of five themed tracks: Basic Tech, Advanced Tech, Web & App Development, Leadership & Management, and Christian Growth.

Here are last year's workshops as an example of what to expect next year.

Advanced Tech Track

Workshops covering the advanced features of a piece of technology. These cover the tech at a deeper level and are meant for people who already understand the basics.

IT Systems Manager

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is not new, but it can still be a challenge. Users using their own devices on your network brings with it inherent dangers. A properly managed BYOD environment could be beneficial to the user and to the organisation, by increasing user productivity and satisfaction and could produce substantial savings to your organisation. In this workshop, we will look at the importance of enforcing policies, finding the right tools to discover and control those devices, and educate your users about using this privilege correctly, so they don’t put your organisation at risk.
<blockquote>Y has been working as an IT systems manager in a mission environment for the last 14 years. He is experienced in the use of securing email systems, virtualisation tools and Windows servers. While he has been based in the West, he has been involved in looking after office users in creative access countries and meeting their service needs. He now has to adapt to a change in vision, that is including Cloud services and BYOD devices within the network perimeter.</blockquote>

Osquery ( is an open source, cross-platform (MacOS/Windows/Linux) app that gives you a high level of visibility into your endpoints. In this session, we will walk through the basics of using osquery and how to practically use it to find malicious activity or software on your systems. This will be a hands-on workshop, so bring your Windows 10, MacOS or Linux laptop. Save time by installing osquery before we start:

Threat Bear Cyber Security, Proprietor

Basic visibility of network and security events can be time-consuming and expensive to deploy. This session will demonstrate how to quickly and easily deploy an affordable & open-source embedded security system to store events for long-term storage, hunting, and analysis.

Hilton is the proprietor of Threat Bear Cyber Security based in Australia with the goal of helping businesses better understand and respond to cyber threats. When not in the office, Hilton enjoys cycling and spending time drinking coffee with his wife and kids.

Basic Tech Track

Workshops covering the basics of a piece of technology. These are entry-level courses meant to help people get started with something new to them.

Jeff Gage
UI/UX Designer for eDOT

Adobe XD is a cross-platform tool for rapidly creating wireframes and interactive prototypes. In May, 2018, Adobe made this product completely free and it is quickly becoming the standard tool for designers and prototype makers around the world.
Jeff has been using Adobe XD since he first started using in 2017 at a hackathon in London. He was amazed at how quickly he could create prototype wireframes. This workshop will be a brief overview of its features, including some tips and tricks and even a few best practices.
<blockquote>Jeff has effectively combined his nine year's experience as a Software Technical Writer and QA Analyst to become the UI/UX Designer at eDOT since 2014. He enjoys the whole creative process and finding new ways to solve old problems by inventing new tools. His particular passion is to design apps that exponentially expand God's Kingdom.</blockquote>

Timotheus (facilitator), Dirk, Tom, and others

You have heard about Salesforce and you are wondering if that is something useful for your organisation? We have people with real experience of using Salesforce in Missions, and we will discuss the benefits and risks of using Salesforce.
We will talk about what Salesforce is really good at, and how not to use Salesforce. How to extend it yourself, and how to integrate it with your other software systems.

Christian Growth Track

Workshops that encourage us in our individual walk with Jesus. Because Geeks are people too, they need Jesus and these workshops help us set our hearts and minds on him.

Victor Norman
GEM eDOT and Associate Professor of Computer Science at Calvin College, USA

In this talk, we will investigate the relationship between virtues and the act (and art) of computer programming, and how computer code can exhibit these virtues. the virtues we will investigate are hospitality, humility, and integrity (and creativity, stewardship, and diligence, as time permits).

Dana Cherry

We all worry from time to time. We may worry about:
<li>a job</li>
<li>the health of parents or children</li>
<li>failing to make much impact for God in the role that He has given us on earth</li>
<li>our relationship with God, as we pray and God seems unwilling, or unable, to answer and provide</li>
In this workshop, we will explore Christ's words in Matthew 6:34 as the means to eliminate worry from our lives. In the midst of this workshop, we will take time to commit our worries to the Lord, laying our requests before our Father in heaven.
<blockquote>Dana has served with Greater Europe Mission for 25 years, 19 of them in Europe. Starting in Greece with the Greek Bible Institute, Dana has been focused on discipling ministry among and with Europeans. In 2005, Dana and his wife relocated to Germany to serve with eDOT. Dana has worked with several European Bible institutes to develop online learning using Moodle as a Learning Management System. In 2018, Dana was certified to offer and give feedback using the Birkman Method—a personality assessment that helps individuals and team better communicate and understand each person on the team.</blockquote>

IT Systems Manager

In the past, have you ever bought pirated software or cheated Microsoft licensing restrictions and usage, while on the field? In your office, are you on top of your software licensing, EULAs, data protection and other requirements relating to your digital data? Have you taken into account the corporate reputation or ethics of your secular IT software, hardware or service provider, before using their offerings?
When it comes down to the use of cheap and cheerful IT products, highly convenient solutions, or the unavoidable secular giants of the IT Cloud world, we seem to have distanced ourselves from our Biblical ethics and morality. The unpleasant thought of spending more money, more time or more resources to come up with an alternative solution, dulls the reality that many secular IT corporations, are using practices that are in direct conflict with our Biblical worldview. Its not a secret that Western corporate greed for profit and control is a cancer to our society, leading to scandals in the news when they are exposed, and involving many of our IT providers.
In this workshop, we will look at what the Bible and related readings have to say, in order to help us choose an ethical and moral approach to our decision making process. We will also reflect on the challenges to implement an uncompromising biblical position when dealing with secular IT providers.
<blockquote>Yannick has been working as an IT systems manager in a mission environment for the last 14 years. He is experienced in the use of securing email systems, virtualisation tools and Windows servers. While he has been based in the West, he has been involved in looking after office users in creative access countries and meeting their service needs. He now has to adapt to a change in vision, that is including Cloud services and BYOD devices within the network perimeter.</blockquote>

Leadership & Management Track

Workshops that help leaders better understand and work with tech-minded people. Geeks are people, too.

Melanie Rissler
IT Support for WEC International

Are you having trouble implementing a GDPR policy in your charity? Do you need help creating an action plan to become 100% compliant? If you have answered 'yes' to these questions, please consider attending this workshop. Melanie is a member of a GDPR working group for her charity in the UK and has been involved in the GDPR training of the charity volunteers. Melanie will share from the point of view of implementation of GDPR and will provide templates, examples of policies, action plans and other related documents to aid in the analysis and implementation of GDPR.
<blockquote>Melanie worked in a large computer company for 20 years where she gained many IT skills but prefers the user support side of things and enjoys IT Support, IT software and hardware testing, user training and writing user documentation. She joined WEC International in 2008 where she has been using all her IT skills for WEC.</blockquote>

Courtney R
eDOT Team Leader

As a leader, we have a lot of things wanting our attention. Being able to prioritize our time appropriately is a key skill. Understanding what action items are tactical vs strategic (and even what is visionary) play a role in not only making sure we're doing what we should be doing but also helps those we lead in focusing on what they are to be doing.
<blockquote>The Field Leader for Greater Europe Mission's ``Borderless Fields`` as well as Team Leader for eDOT (, Courtney has held several leadership roles in both his ministry life as well as his life in the IT industry over his 20-ish years in IT. With many failures and a few successes, he tries to share what he has learned with others.</blockquote>

Dirk K.
Computer Programmer

Working with nationals out on the field and within their countries is a requirement for most ministries. As expats, we usually do a good job of taking care of our own ministry’s internal digital security. But what about when we work with nationals? Are there differences? Do we need to have them at the same standard as our own ministry’s levels? This workshop will look into what considerations and protocols we should be looking at when working with nationals.

Dirk K. is a former environmental geologist turned computer programmer who spent way too many long days sitting next to a drilling rig on toxic waste sites while staring at nasty chemicals through an uncomfortable respirator mask. He and his family have lived and worked with nationals in Central Asia and Eurasia for the last 12 years. His passion is to train and provide security services for pastors and laymen in the underground church. This allows them to do their ministry below the digital radar and become more effective.

Courtney R (Facilitating), Rick Winford, and others

Leading people who started off their careers in other areas of the IT industry but then started working in full-time ministries comes with it's own set of challenges. Come to this panel discussion where you'll hear from people who lead as well as some who are these ``2nd Career`` workers.

Web & App Development Track

Workshops with a focus on the process of programming. These workshops either cover aspects of a development language or platform or some other issue related to developing software.

Lars Gunnarsson
Owner of Qombi Media Consulting e.U.

We will experiment with some of the core features of React JS, but previous programming experience will not be necessary. React is the fastest growing framework and nowadays the most asked for skill for web app developers. Although, in fact, it is not a framework, but rather a library of reusable components. All components, small or big, are reusable, even across different projects. The functional JavaScript model and the one-way data flow improves the readability of all components and makes it easier to design re-usability.
<blockquote>I have worked in the Christian media industry for more than 25 years and, up until recently, especially in Christian radio. For my first 9 years in this area (with TWR) I worked and lived in Swaziland Africa and, since 1999, for I've worked with TWR Europe in Vienna. For many years, my passion has been to use Mobile Technology for Christian media and, over the last 10 years, I have gradually been making this my full-time focus. In fact, all of my attention for the last two years has been on a large Mobile-Technology-for-Christian-media project in West Africa (although I do occasionally work on projects for TWR Europe and OM East).</blockquote>

Victor Norman
GEM eDOT and Associate Professor of Computer Science at Calvin College, USA

Design Patterns are well-defined and well-studied relationships between classes, interfaces, and objects. They have been proven to help developers design and implement more robust software -- software that adapts gracefully to changing requirements and environments. In this talk, I will introduce some of the most common and useful design patterns, with examples. I will also speak about the underlying Design Principles that motivate the creation and use of patterns.
<blockquote>Victor Norman is a professor of Computer Science at Calvin College. He is on sabbatical for one year. He spent 6 months working at a Grand Rapids software firm learning their agile software development practices for web application development. He is now volunteering with GEM eDOT. Before becoming a professor, he and his family lived in Pittsburgh for 14 years, where he worked as a software engineer for a networking company, developing network management software. He is the husband of 1 and father of 3. He grew up as a missionary kid in Japan.</blockquote>

Timotheus and Andreas
Timotheus:, Andreas: German charity

Your organisation is already using an older version of Dynamics NAV, and you want to know where Dynamics NAV is going? Or are you considering Dynamics NAV as a future alternative to your existing ERP System?
We will present the possibilities you have as developer with coding in AL and developing extensions for Dynamics NAV. We will show the development with Visual Code, and managing your code in Git, show situations where you still have to make changes in C/AL, how to manage your own data model for your extensions, and how to develop assistants. We can tell you which issues you must watch out for from our own experience. You can try our examples at home on a free Docker image of Dynamics NAV.
<blockquote>Andreas and Timotheus have been working with a team at a German charity over the past year on a project to migrate from multiple software systems to a single ERP system with Dynamics NAV. Their background was to develop and maintain in-house contact management and ERP systems in the past, and now it was the next step to switch to an integrated ERP system. It was a steep learning curve, but with God's help and grace this will be a blessing for the ministry.</blockquote>