Six workshop sessions

Up to three workshops each session

Up to 18 workshops in total!

Workshops are where we learn about our tech, each other, and our God.


Workshops are at the core of the ICCM experience. This is where we learn and grow. We host up to 18 workshops in six sessions. Each workshop fits in one of five themed tracks: Basic Tech, Advanced Tech, Web & App Development, Leadership & Management, and Christian Growth.

Basic Tech

Workshops covering the basics of a piece of technology. These are entry-level courses meant to help people get started with something new to them.

Advanced Tech

Workshops covering the advanced features of a piece of technology. These cover the tech at a deeper level and are meant for people who already understand the basics.

Web & App Development

Workshops with a focus on the process of programming. These workshops either cover aspects of a development language or platform or some other issue related to developing software.

Christian Growth

Workshops that encourage us in our individual walk with Jesus. Because Geeks are people too, they need Jesus and these workshops help us set our hearts and minds on him.

Leadership & Management

Workshops that help leaders better understand and work with tech-minded people. Geeks are people, too.