International Conference on Computing & Mission

ICCM-Europe 2024 is planned to take place from
14 – 17 February 2024 (Wednesday till Saturday), in Mosbach at OM in the south of Germany.

Registration is now closed, for exceptions contact us at registration@iccm-europe.org.

Welcome to ICCM‑Europe!

ICCM-Europe is an annual conference uniquely designed for techie missionaries or missions-minded techies. We gather for a unique experience of spiritual fellowship, information sharing and vision renewal.

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Registration Ends: 13 January, 2020

I count it a privilege to be part of ICCM-Europe. God is moving people.


A great time of sharing and understanding how others work in the Christian area. Time of building relationships and understanding what Jesus means to others in their daily life.


It has been a source of encouragement, camaraderie, and information.

Josh N

Black Forest Academy

It was for me a refreshing time getting some break FROM the office AND getting at the same time some encouragement for the work AT the office. :)


A very valuable environment to discover new ideas, be encouraged, build new relationships with colleagues working in the same area.



ICCM-Europe is a time where I connect with other people who can understand the life I lead, cross-culturally, spiritually, and in the work I do.


Sometimes I come away with a tool, a technique, or a scripture passage that really changes my work and ministry, but I always come away encouraged in my walk with God and in my efforts to serve Him with my abilities.

Josh G

Reach Beyond

ICCM-Europe is a chance to be refreshed, encouraged, convicted, and challenged.



Who Should Attend ICCM-Europe?

Our focus is on the community of Christian Technologists. Who are we? What have we accomplished this year? What can we learn from each other to work more effectively in the year to come? What do we need to know about advances in technology and mission computing opportunities?

Missionaries and Mission-Interested Christian Technologists

Technology designers, implementers, managers and support personnel.

Educators and Students

Department liaisons at Christian colleges and universities, plus students who are becoming technologists.

Vendors and Supporters

High-tech businesses supportive of mission-related opportunities, vendors serving mission organizations with computing products and services.

Ministry Management and Investors

Mission MIS directors/managers of computer personnel, mission researchers and information specialists, high-tech “kingdom business” entrepreneurs and investors.



The Mill
OM Germany
Alte Neckarelzer Str. 2
74821 Mosbach

Important Travel Instructions


Features of ICCM-Europe

These are the things that make ICCM-Europe special.



Pray for ICCM-Europe


Registration Ends: 13 January, 2020

Event Schedule Summary

Times and order of events is still not finalized


14 February 2023

Times in GMT+1 (Stuttgart time)

You can register for the preconference workhop day, for the full-day workshop or for the hackathon. The conference properly starts with dinner at 6pm on Wednesday.

People start arriving, get their name badge, the room keys, start talking to each other...

We take our time at dinner, because that is one of the best part of the conference, to talk to each other and listen to each other at the table.

Welcome, Notices, 1 Minute Introductions, Introduction of the Keynote

Introducing ``Birds of a feather`` and ``Tech for Missions``

Play games, have some snacks, enjoy fellowship



15 February 2024
Times in GMT+1 (Stuttgart time)

AJAX: Your Security Journey: Assessing Cybersecurity
BASIC: Development with Flutter
COBOL: no workshop scheduled

AJAX: How to design a successful workshop
BASIC: Spiritual Leadership in 2024
COBOL: Contracting/preparing a penetration test for your organization

AJAX: Sharing the Gospel Through Drones
BASIC: Tales from the Trenches
COBOL: Ending well - Relationships that (need to) come to an end


Technology for Missions: What do you want to show, what you have worked on over the past year, that you want others to know about? This might encourage others, or could even be directly useful.

Birds of a feather flock together

Birds of a feather flock together

Birds of a feather flock together

Birds of a feather flock together



16 February 2024
Times in GMT+1 (Stuttgart time)

AJAX: Protecting our Organizations from Phishing Scams and Social Engineering
BASIC: Spiritual Growth
COBOL: LocalAI in Nextcloud

AJAX: Leap Into the Password-Less Future
BASIC: How to work with external IT Service Providers
COBOL: CSS Tips and Tricks

AJAX: AI and missions/the global church
BASIC: Modern Web Development Workflow
COBOL: Digital Evangelism



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