Corey K.

2019 Keynote Speaker

Corey has a Ph.D. in cybersecurity, focused on information systems risk assessment. His professional career includes years of work as a network engineer and server administrator; he currently leads the information security department for a large non-profit healthcare organization. He has had many industry certifications, from Microsoft, Novell, Banyan, etc., and is currently a CISSP and PCI Professional. During his time as a college professor, Corey taught numerous networking, security, and programming courses.

Corey is passionate about understanding the Bible; he has a master’s degree in theology and has taught Biblical Greek for many years. He is the co-founder of Mark 5 Ministries, a volunteer group that provides technical support to mission organizations. In this context, he is the information security adviser for a multi-agency group that works in sensitive areas. He regularly gives cybersecurity presentations to international mission audiences.