Synopsis of the Keynote

Johannes Böker writes:
The keynote is all about tools: Being a good tool in God’s hand and having good tools and skills for working effectively in the IT department.


Johannes Böker

2022 Keynote Speaker

Johannes started off as a qualified motor mechanic in a small Mazda garage.
He studied Theology in Tübingen/ Germany and Adelaide/ South Australia. Being a student he worked in the Mercedes-Benz car factory.
As an ordained minister of the German state church he responded to God’s call to become a missionary with WEC International. He served as a lecturer at the Bible Institute in Guinea-Bissau, later switched to Cornerstone College in the Netherlands, where he worked as lecturer and head of building and maintenance.

Currently he is the head of public relations for WEC in Germany. In between he worked on Logos Hope as an electrician.

He is passionate about tools and says: “You can’t have enough of them.” Slowly his workshop is becoming too small…


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