Three workshop sessions

Up to three workshops each session

Up to 9 workshops in total!

Workshops are where we learn about our tech, each other, and our God.


Workshops are at the core of the ICCM experience. This is where we learn and grow. In this year's virtual conference, we host up to 12 workshops in 4 sessions. Each workshop fits in one of four themed tracks: Basic & Advanced Tech, Web & App Development, Leadership & Management, and Christian Growth.

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Basic & Advanced Technology Track

Joachim Mammele

To successfully defend against cyber attacks, it is not only important to take technical measure but also to train your own employees. In this workshop I will present a course I made that you can use for free in order to train your users. If there's still time left at the end I would also like to talk about what admins can do in order to make their organizations more resistant to cyber attacks.

Joachim Mammele is a software developer with a personal interest in cyber security, his goal is to help extend knowledge about this topic eg. by running the website


Windows 11 is the newest OS from Microsoft. Windows 11 was official released on 10/5/2021. During this session we will discuss the new features and highlights, take a look at Windows 11 and research together if Windows 11 is worthy as an update. Do we need to go to Windows 11 directly or wait or not?

Kingdom IT

This Workshop is for beginners who like to know what Kubernetes is and what you can do with it, it gives a you an introduction and a small demo. There is also a playground for a lab. Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

My name is Ruben Felix and I'm Dutch and live in the Netherlands. I'm married and have 1 daughter of 7. In daily work I'm working as Linux Engineer for different clients and different environments from on-premises to cloud. Next to my daily day job I have a foundation called KingdomIT whereby we use IT to spread the Gospel world wide, we do project in Africa, developing tools and software for ministry e.g. the KingdomIT Box, ICCM-AFRICA registration system and I'm chair of the ICCM-AFRICA conference in Kenya.

Web & App Development


Everytime an Excel- or Access-based data collection that an
organization uses exceeds a certain limit, questions arise: How do we
handle data growth? How can we ensure the integrity of our data, to what
should migrate? In many cases we as developers get confronted with these
questions and need to come up with answers. We from the basx Software
Association decided around two years ago to start working on a framework
which provides the building blocks for these types of migration
The result as of today is a Python/Django based SDK which allows to
rapidly come up with a minimal application that can be extended and
refined step by step.

Speaker: Sam has been working for basx Switzerland and basx Thailand for
over 4 years. His work is focused on developing customized database
applications in the context of mission and non-profit organizations.


Testing is often neglected or even avoided in projects, that have strong budget restrictions (typical for missions!). And often regretted when users start complaining!
How can we organise testing using workers and volunteers from our organisations?
What are practical approaches in agile projects?
This workshop gives a brief overview over current approaches and give opportunity to connect to other testing folks and share your experiences.


Website development increasingly separates the back-end (done in something like Python), from the front-end (done in a JavaScript framework VueJS, React, Angular). Often though, a more traditional tool like Drupal is the right tool for the job. What is Drupal? What does it give you? Isn't it a legacy technology? If I'm doing a website but it's not content management, I don't need Drupal right? In ICCM 2020 I gave a presentation with the title 'Drupal vs. Angular/React/Vue. Which to choose and how?'. Since then, I have been working full-time on a Python/VueJS project; that project makes me even more convinced that Drupal should be part of every developer's web application toolkit. Drupal may not be the right tool for every web development project, but if you're selecting the right web development tool, you need to know about it.

Hugh is a software developer and project manager who has been working in the IT industry his whole life, including a short spell working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Thailand.

Leadership & Management Track

Tuesday, 19:15

Timotheus Pokorra
Timotheus Pokorra

``Working out Loud`` helps people to connect. You share what you are currently working on, and others can benefit from that or even help you. You find new partners.
This is also very interesting from a christian perspective: generosity and relationships and growth mindset are some of the core values of WOL.

Timotheus Pokorra is a software developer with a heart for Missions. He wants missions to work more closely together, since we are serving the same Lord.

Wednesday, 19:15


I'll show two or three real world examples where an ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) system is used. The first is a church and the second a shop. We'll discuss the Service Desk, how it applies to the examples, how an ITSM Solution (computer system) supports ITSM and helps fulfill some important GDPR requirements. There's also time to answer questions from participants and discuss both Open Source and proprietary ITSM Solutions.

About Immo:
Years ago I was sent to diagnose certain computer system problems. The customer was told that Immo will get sent there. Next I think it happened about ten years after my M.Sc. studies I got a copy of a caricature where I was named Dexter. While working as a researcher I heard someone telling another that they should consult certain (Prof.) Calculus in the matter. Then it struck they were talking about me. I have also held posts like Project Manager, Instructor, CIO, LO and others.


The worlds digitalization is moving on, even in missionary and non-profit projects. Often we need or want to change our software to make our work easier and more effective. Before spending a few hundred thousand in a solution which is called ``the game changer``, but hast more pitfalls then we could see, we should know: Is there a better solution for us?
How to choose between selfmade vs. opensource vs. out-off-the-box solutions? What do you need to know about each of these solutions? Which has more pitfalls? And which questions do you need to ask the company/developer of this software?

Christian Growth

Anja Tappe

We want to reflect on the armour of God according to Scripture in Ephesians 6: 10-20. (belt, breastplate, shoes, shield, helmet, sword, prayer). We want to talk about what it means and how we can apply it.

Anja is a trained nurse with more than 20 years of experience caring for
people with chronic diseases. Seven years ago she started further
studies to become a teacher for nurses and graduated in 2019. Now she
trains nursing apprentices.

Anja has mission experience through intercultural studies, different
internships in some countries of the Arab world and other additional
relationships such as voluntary activity in the office of a mission
organization. Married to an IT/techie husband, she has been to ICCM-EU several times.

Jan Wisse
OM Belgium

We will be looking at Colossians 1 where Paul makes a case for the centrality of Christ. We will look at the implications of Christ being in me verses I being in Christ. We will have a discussion on how this is made practical in real life.

Jan has spent most of his career with OM: first with OM Ships and after this mostly in Belgium. He worked as a mechanic, conference manager, IT admin and director and presently he is responsible for discipleship and church planting within OM Belgium.