Pre-Conference Workshops 2023

Pre-Conference Workshop A: Fourth Annual ICCM-Europe Hackathon

We are hosting another hackathon this year! If the term is new to you, a hackathon has nothing to do with Hacking. Rather, it is an event where people with software development experience get together for a compressed period of time to accept the challenge of creating a piece of useful tech as quickly as possible. The hoped-for result is either a proof-of-concept or prototype for an idea that may be developed further into a useful product. They are a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or to put your normal work skills to the test. Many think of these as a marathon for the tech world.

If you have skills related to any part of the software development process, we want you! This includes, of course, programmers and web developers, but it also includes UI/UX designers, graphic artists, and project managers, to name a few.

This year the Hackathon will work on a new conference registration system for ICCM (and perhaps others). There is already some code working, and this effort will focus on moving it further along.

Registering for the Hackathon means you will need to arrive for dinner on Tuesday (14. February). After dinner, we’ll meet to kick things off with the goal of being finished by 17:00 on Wednesday. Hint: Don’t expect a full night’s sleep Tuesday night. ;-)

Pre-Conference Workshop B: How to get started with 3D Printing

The eDOT team will show you how to use various tools to design objects to be printed on a 3D Printer. We will have one on-hand for you to print what you design. We are asking for a 10€ contribution to pay for the 3D printing supplies.

Sam and daughter
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