Synopsis of the Keynote

Use. Deploy. Lead.

Led as a discussion starter we’ll spend three sessions together firstly thinking about how our Christian faith shapes how we see and use technology. With a framework to think about technology, we’ll then begin to explore what that looks like as technology professionals as we build and deploy for our organisation. Finally, as we lead in our area of expertise we’ll think about what it means to teach and serve others as we look to new technologies on the horizon.

James Doc

2024 Keynote Speaker

James is a developer and designer based in London, UK.

For the last 10 years, James has been working in teams building accessible and performant digital tools and services for businesses, charities, and agencies such as the V&A, Vixen Labs, Dyson, Nespresso, OneSheep, Alpha International, IFES, and more…

In his spare time, he also co-leads Kingdom Code, a group bringing together Christians to explore and think about the intersection of their faith and technology.

Sam and daughter
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