Pre-Conference Workshop 2024

Building Cybersecurity Programs

Pre-conference workshops are a great way to kick off the event and get more out of our time together. These are longer training and experiential sessions meant to give people more in-depth instruction and the opportunity to actually practice what they’re learning. This year we have only one workshop scheduled.
Pre-Conference Workshop: Building Cybersecurity Programs

No matter how you cut it, you can’t avoid it: Your team needs a cybersecurity program.

Cyber attacks frequent the news, governments are setting privacy and security regulations, customers (and donors) expect it, the board wants to know about it… and you can’t afford to lose communications with a field worker because someone didn’t configure multi-factor authentication.

This workshop will expose you to the basics of building your cybersecurity program based on Ericius Security’s experience helping missionary, anti-trafficking, and corporate teams improve or lay the foundations for computer security programs. We’ll cover:

– Goals and drivers of cybersecurity
– How to evaluate your organization and set your initial direction
– Useful (and affordable) cybersecurity frameworks to help your design
– Commons business rhythms used to build discipline and team culture
– Foundational wins and milestones that maximize security returns and build momentum


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