Update ICCM Europe 2022 #1

Dear Fellow ICCMers!

ICCM Europe 2022 is approaching fast.

Registration ends this week on Friday, January 14th.

The preliminary schedule is online on the website: https://iccm-europe.org/#iccm-schedule

We have a preliminary list of workshops, that will be happening at this year’s conference.
We still need to post the summaries of the workshops and the speakers, and set the time for each workshop.

Voting and suggesting workshops is also still possible, so please register at https://workshops.iccmeurope.org and at least vote for some workshops to encourage the speaker that is preparing the workshop, that there is interest for the workshop.

We also have the BOFs, see more details at https://iccm-europe.org/#iccm-features / BOFs.
You can nominate BOFs now at https://bof.iccmeurope.org/. Those that already registered at workshops.iccmeurope.org, can use the same login information for bofs.iccmeurope.org, I just copied over the usernames, email addresses and password hashes. Otherwise, just register yourself on bof.iccmeurope.org. This is without any user checks, so consider everything you post on bof.iccmeurope.org as public information.
Please only nominate and vote on BOFs if you are successfully registered to ICCM Europe 2022.

Please also start or continue praying for the conference, for the preparation, the participants and the time during the conference, that it will be a blessing to all of us and those we serve.

On behalf of the EuroPrep Team,