ICCM Europe 2024 Early Bird Discount and Workshops

Dear ICCMers,

Here is an update for the ICCM Europe 2024, which takes place 14-17 February 2024 in Mosbach, Germany at OM Germany.
You find details about the conference, and the registration button on our website: https://iccm-europe.org

You can still take advantage of the early bird discount (50€) until January 10th, but we would like you to register as soon as possible. The OM facility has a limit of 75 people overnight, so the first 75 people to register will be accommodated. The slots are filling up fast.

We have updated the currently planned workshops at https://iccm-europe.org/iccm-europe-2024/workshops-2024/
We have not finalized the scheduled times yet.
We still have a small number of empty slots, so if you still have a workshop that you would want to teach, go to https://workshops.iccm-europe.org and let the track leaders know.

Please pray for the preparations of ICCM Europe 2024, for the keynote speaker James D., for the worship leader James M., and for the workshop teachers and the Prep Team and yourselves the participants, that Jesus will protect us and help us in the preparations. See also https://iccm-europe.org/pray

Thanks for being part of ICCM Europe! We are looking forward to seeing you!

The ICCM Europe Preparation Team